X-men Legends Wave 2 Thoughts

Hasbro has release new images of the Marvel Legends X-men Wave 2 (or Warlock Wave) and we have gotten some nice surprises. As everybody knows the first X-men was voted the best wave of 2016 and that wave was awesome. But this wave is 200% time better then that wave. Let have a look.


I think this one is the biggest surprise. Not only is the figure awesome but he now comes with a alternate bearded head, like is seen in Extraordinary X-men. Not only that but it is shown for the first time that an alternate sawblade for Warlock.


The highly request Jim Lee Cyclops comes out and he looks great. He doesn’t seem to come with any accessories however it’s ┬ánice to have him finally.


Three words. Disco F***ing Dazzler. Nuff Said.

Old Man Logan

While the figure itself looks nice, it is a very disappointing figure as it come with no interchangeable hand or even a younger head like so many people were hoping.


Another figure we can finally mark off our lists. While it reuses many part from other females, they make the figure look perfect.


I’m going to be honest. I know of Shatterstar but I have never read anything with him in it. I know he is a member of the X-force so that a plus. The figure itself look great anyway. I will love to see where they can reuse the swords.


This is the Sunfire we have been waiting for a loooooooooooooooooong time. Not only does it brings us one step closer to completing the Giant Size X-men but it also completes the Uncanny Avengers.


I think anyone was expecting a Warlock figure. we were all shocked when it was reveal at SDCC 2016. I almost screamed the house down when I saw it online. But this figure is going to be epic. Not only will it work with your X-men / New Mutants but it will also work with your GOTG.


NCS – Wolverine

We’re back with the Newest NCS- Wolverine.

My Collection Page

Hi everyone. I have just created new page that will be used to highlight my collection and the changes I will be making to the display so check it out.


New Years Update.

Hello my fellow plastic addicts. First of all I like to wish everybody a happy New Year. Wish everybody well in the coming months.

Just wanted to give a quick update on the status on next video on the Channel. I will be uploading that on Wednesday, 11 Janaury. Not sure what to do after that one though so let make know if you have and idea.

Best Marvel Legends 2016

Best Marvel Legends of 2016

Poll Winner – Wolverine!!

The poll is finished (2 week earlier sorry didn’t notice) and the winner of the poll is Wolverine. His NCS will be on Youtube sometime in January.

I might put up another poll when that airs for the one after so check an eye out.